Electra and Elise Avellan A.K.A. The Crazy Babysitter Twins

And now, the third of the Patron Goddesses of Better In The Dark, the duo who join Kristen Bell and Pam Greir as Sexual Ideals….

This pair, the nieces of Robert Rodriguez, first came to our attention in their short turn in the Planet Terror half of Grindhouse….and somehow they’ve gotten stuck in The Boys Outta Brooklyn’s respective brains. Maybe it’s because they represent so many primal men’s fantasies–twins, hot latinas, babysitters, crazy bad girls who need to tamed–wrapped up in one overpoweringly sexy package. Tom and Derrick insist they’re going to write a screenplay solely for them that feature them coming to the aid of their uncle (Danny Trejo)…but maybe they do so in the hopes of attracting their long-limbed, firey attention. But then….who wouldn’t want the attention of these too tall brunettes to set their sights on them–even if it means they’d be yelling at you. A lot. And maybe throwing things.

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